Turkistan: Good for Sport Lovers

Turkistan is a part of the Central Asia. Turkistan is located on a very large area. It is very much famous for its beautiful mountains not only in Asia but in all over the world. It is very suitable and amazing place for many sports activities. You can enjoy from the horseback riding, speleology, rock climbing, trekking, hiking and rafting. Along with these, mountaineering is also very much famous activity in the area of Turkistan. Especially in Tashkent province, almost 60 percent of world tourists come to enjoy from the mountaineering. That is why many New Zealanders who are very fond of Horse riding, speleology, rock climbing, trekking, hiking, rafting and mountaineering, want to visit Turkistan.


Mountaineering is very much famous activity in the beautiful mountains of Turkistan. Some people say that mountaineering is a sport; some say that it is a hobby and some say that it is a profession of trekking, walking, hiking and climbing on the mountains. Another name of mountaineering is alpinism especially in the area of Europe. There are three main categories of mountaineering that are skiing, snow-crafting and rock-crafting. For all types of mountaineering, special skills and professionalism is required otherwise it can prove very much costly. Many New Zealanders and other people who really like this game of mountaineering desperately want to visit this beautiful place of Turkistan. The reason is that Turkistan's mountains are very much attractive and amazing for the mountaineering activities.

Horse Riding

Horse riding is also very much famous in the area of Turkistan. Riding on the back of the beautiful horse and visit through the great and beautiful rocks and mountains of Turkistan is really an amazing feeling. Every one wants to enjoy this amazing moment. New Zealanders who also want to fulfill their dream want to visit the Turkistan. In this way they can get enjoyment from this beautiful horse riding between the rising mountains.


Like horse riding, Speleology is also very much famous in Turkistan. Turkistan is the most suitable place for Speleology. Because it required a special high of mountains, that are available in Turkistan. That's why many New Zealanders and other foreigners who are very fond of Speleology, really like to visit the Turkistan to enjoy.

Rock climbing

It is also very much famous not only in Turkistan but also in the whole world. Lovers of rock climbing try to search out those rocks that cane be hard to climb but not impossible. For those people, Turkistan is most favorite place because it is rich of these kinds of rocks and large mountains. That's why many New Zealanders want to visit Turkistan to fulfill their dream of rock climbing on large and beautiful rocks.

Trekking, Hiking and Rafting

Trekking, Hiking and Rafting are also very much famous games in the world. Especially New Zealanders really like these games. Turkistan offers a great opportunity for these types of amazing and attractive games. That's why many New Zealanders really want to visit the beautiful place of Turkistan.